Go Pro Soccer Academy aims to help its players’ personal growth in a positive and rewarding manner. Our goal is to make soccer fun and enjoyable while creating young leaders and role models in our community. We ask that the policies of the academy are followed in order to make this a valuable & safe learning experience for all participants.

Registration: All new students/parents must complete a Registration/Waiver form prior to the first session. Session fees are due at the time of registration or re-enrollment. Pro-ration of session fees is limited to new students who are enrolling after the start of a session.

Payments: We accept checks, cash, and credit. Payments can be made in person or online. For online payments, an invoice will be sent to the email we have on file.

Fees & Refunds: There are no Refunds. In some circumstances refunds can be issued on a case by case basis. Missed sessions within a current term (month or season) are not refundable or transferrable to another term (month or season). To inquire about refunds, please do so in person, by phone, or by email.

Discounts: $20 discount for each additional child enrolled in any of our twice-a-week plan will be applied. $10 discount for each additional child enrolled in any of our once-a-week plan will be applied.

Health & Safety Issues: Parents are responsible for informing staff of any limitations identified by the physician or any other conditions that may impair the student. Should a student have a communicable illness, infection, or lice, we ask that you observe the necessary precautions before returning to sessions.

Emergency Closings/Cancelled Sessions: In the case of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary to cancel sessions. We will notify parents and students of any closings via message or email. Please be sure that we have an updated, frequently checked phone number or email on file.